spoken english classes in indiranagar

Spoken English classes in indiranagar

English has been a dominating language and convincing to the normal hearing crowd. Over 2 billion people use English for communication. Lack of basic understanding to express the feeling attached in English will lead to trouble at school, university and work.

If we wish to categorize Spoken English we can loosely relate to the following levels.


  1. Confusion in creating sentences and grammar.
  2. Hard to find words when speaking.
  3. Inability to understand other person.

If above are the problem you are facing then BASIC LEVEL OF ENGLISH is meant for you.


  1. You can interpret the exact meaning of what is said but not the true meaning, which leads to confusions.
  2. Beating around the bush because of distraction and confidence.
  3. Vocabulary is limited which leads to repeated words and hence next person getting bored.

If above are the problem you are facing then INTERMEDIATE LEVEL OF ENGLISH is meant for you.


This is the highest level of English which include a lot of stuff such as accent, confidence, presentation, etc. To know more about it please contact us.