german coaching classes in indiranagar

German coaching classes in indiranagar


Duration: 40 hours

The level classified by CERF to learn any foreign language in Europe are as follows:

A1 for beginners, A2 for elementary, B1 for intermediate, B2 for upper intermediate, C1 as advanced, and C2 as mastery.

We follow the same here too. Courses are divided internationally and hence students get what they need.

Learning German will start from A1 where you are not expected to have any knowledge of the language. After completing this course you will be able:

  1. understand and use familiar everyday expressions in everyday life;
  2. able to use very basic phrases in limited but essential situations and place;
  3. introduce yourself;
  4. ask others questions in basic German about personal details ;
  5. interact with German language speakers provided they are using basic level of language and at slow pace.

We also provide other levels German.

You can get the detailed content for the course at the time of joining the class.